Dresden Highlights

Dresden, Germany

Whilst backpacking in Germany I headed to the capital of Saxony ‘Dresden’. About 80 percent of Dresden’s historic centre was destroyed in World War Two but all the landmarks have been rebuilt to their former glory. Dresden is a beautiful city filled with art, history and the culture of the new and the old city. If you have a chance to visit Dresden come and visit this stunning city.

1.       Zwinger Palace

This fine Baroque building contains many complex museums which contains the old masters picture gallery, the famous Dresden Porcelain Collection and the royal cabinet of mathematical and physical instruments. Zwinger Palace is located next to the Semper Opera.  

2.       View the Procession of Princes

You can find the 101 meter long mural depicting a procession of the Wettins who were a ruling family of Saxony in the 1870’s. There is over 24000 tiles used in the portrait.


3.       Kunsthofpassage

Located in the New town the Kunsthofpassage is a series of courtyards designed by Dresden artists. Some courtyards include a funnel wall where when water falls on the pipes the drain system creates music and a courtyard of animals with monkeys and giraffes.


4.       Church of our Lady

Located in the middle of an open plaza you can look inside the church and can choose to climb to the top of the cupola to have a 360 view of Dresden. If you want avoid paying the 8-10 Euro entry fee to climb to the top of the Frauenkirche you can climb the other church tower of the Church of the Holy Cross for as little as 3 Euro.


5.       Bruhl Terrace

Bruhl Terrace also known as the ‘Balcony of Europe’.  This terrace and garden was once for King Augustus the Strong. This terrace is great for stunning views of Dresden and great for people watching.  

6.       Day trip to Saxon Switzerland National Park

An easy 1 hour from Dresden you can visit the famous rock formation of Bastei and Bastei Bridge. From the rocks and the bridge you can see panoramic views of the River Elbe and Lilienstein mountains.

From Dresden you need to get off at the train stop ‘Kurort Rathen’ and walk down to the river and get the ferry across before following the signs to Bastei.




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